THANK YOU!  for the wonderful Easter gathering again this year!  The focus on the Lamb of God throughout the Lenten season seemed most appropriate as we consider Jesus' shed blood and the sacrifices that many others have made so that we can declare our freedom to choose to follow Him, or to turn back.  We have several opportunities to invite guests back to Holy Cross this April.   

As we conclude our look at the prophesies fulfilled by Christ in the next couple of weeks, our Tuesday studies will turn toward an active prayer life.  The movie we recently watched, "The War Room",  gets me to rethink my prayer life and my strategy in prayer.  PRAYER IS A POWERFUL WEAPON!  But do we know how to effectively tap the resources made available to us?  Do we know how to pray?  Ms. Clara questioned Elizabeth of her prayer life:  hot, cold or ???.  How is yours?  She asks Elizabeth if she goes to church regularly, to which she replies, "Occassionally."  So Clara replies, "Is that because your pastor only preaches occassionally?"  I like that response.   The enemy seeks to destroy the peace, love and happiness of relationships, with one another and with God Himself!  Do we really consider Who our enemy is?  With whom do we fight and argue?  How do we handle it?  Do we love the ones with whom we fight?  The devil is the "serpent of old" (Rev. 12: 9) the tempter (Gen. 3) , the father of lies (Jn. 8: 44), and disguised as an angel of light (2 Cor. 11: 14).     The Scriptures read: "Greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world" (1 john 4: 4)   JOIN US as we enter "The War Room" to consider our strategy in the battle!

Next, Our FRIENDSHIP SUNDAY is scheduled early in April, the 10th!!  Once again we are asking that you invite and welcome family and friends to come and worship with us on that day!  If you are uncomfortable about speaking with them about Jesus, then I especially encourage you to simply ask them to come to church and sit with you as we celebrate Friendship.  It won't be a "traditional" service.  There's a meal which follows, a Pot-Luck Luncheon, and we do ask, as many are able, to bring a dish or two to share with (hopefully) a good number of visitors.  Please do your part in making this day SPECIAL:   PRAY, talk with others, invite, plan,  prepare food,  help with dishes, etc.  How does it all get done??  A Family that prays together, stays together.... A church family that serves together grows closer.   PLEASE, Help!

Later in the month, on the 23rd, OUR SWISS STEAK DINNER will bring others into our church building.  This, once again, requires plenty of planning and TEAMWORK.  Many volunteers have made this work a lot lighter, and gives joy to the team leaders.  Your gifts of time and action are greatly welcomed and appreciated.  One Message is declared often at HCLC:  "I'm so GLAD I'm a PART of the FAMILY OF GOD!  I've been washed in the Fountain, Cleansed by His BLOOD.  Joint HEIRS with Jesus, as we travel this sod.  For I'm Part of the family, the FAMILY of God."    (Did I get it right?  I typed it from memory)  I like working around JOY-FILLED people. HOW can we interact with our guests so that some might consider coming back to hear the GOOD NEWS through us?  

We've a Story to Tell to the Nations, starting right here in Ionia and Montcalm Counties.  Maybe it needs to be retold to someone you know who has struggled, and been told God is Dead, or that He doesn't care.  Often the Church and its leaders are guilty of neglect or just not knowing what to do.   We are God's hands and voice today, but we don't have His wisdom and knowledge.  We fall short, but He doesn't.  He has that Action Plan, and we pray for Him to work through us, in spite of our short-comings.   Won't you PLAN to walk, work and pray with us all?