Summertime!  As I look at the vegetables and flowers that we've planted I rejoice in seeing their growth, indicating, I hope,  their healthiness.   My responsibility has been to sow the seeds  or the plants, and continue to provide an environment for the plants'  growth, by watering and weeding.  Hopefully we have put them into a sunny location if they are sun-loving plants, or into a more shady place if the sun does them harm.   God, in nature, provides the warmth from the sun and an occasional shower from the heavens.  I might use some fertilizer and chicken droppings for further stimulation of the roots, but ultimately, I trust God for the harvest.  He made the plants with the fruits in mind, a fully mature creation able to reproduce after their own kinds.  We profess that God created everything mature, ready to reproduce after its own kind.  His creation was perfect!

     Kathy and I have ventured to the Creation Museum in northern Kentucky, not far from Cincinnati.  (Bill and Sue D. have been encouraging us to go for quite some time.  We "Thank You" for your persistence.)  

     There, we started our tour with a lesson in archaeology, the reference for which we look at the evidence (fossils, etc.) to look back in time, trying to understand what happened.  Some "experts" start with man's guesses on what happened, others read the Bible to see what God says about history.    God says, "This is what I did!", and the worldview experts deny the existence of God, declaring man to be the "Supreme Being" of life.   

     Then we moved into the beginning of the universe, and through the  "7 C's of History".  This is the heart of the Creation Museum as it highlights God's Plan in Creation and His rescue through Christ.  The Garden of Eden is beautifully portrayed.  Kathy and I found ourselves face-to-face with the serpent! -- the deceiver.  You know the story!   Because of the Fall, the Creation was Corrupted, and Catastrope was soon to follow.  With the worldwide flood, much of life was destroyed, buried in the soils of the earth.  Fossils were made.   As they have been discovered, scientists have developed a number of theories to what happened.  

     We do not deny the existence of dinosaurs!   But what we believe about when they lived is clearly different from what the movies and evolutionists think.   Satan is described in the Bible as the father of lies (Jn. 8: 44),  who wants us to deny the truth, and Christ Himself.  Man's thinking, influenced by the devil,  brings confusion.  We need to question:  Who is the AUTHORITY for society?  Who sets the rules and laws for harmonious living?  Satan wants us to question God's authority.  In the end, the at the Consummation,  Christ will cast out death and the disobedient, and all who believe will live with Him in His  Kingdom, as He originally intended.

     We are people of LIFE!  I enjoy the world that comes to life in the spring as the earth greens up again, and as the gardens produce their fruits as the season proceeds.  We have enjoyed the fruits of the labors of those who invited friends and family to celebrate with us, and concur, we gotta do it again!  (Hey, Fish Fry on July 12!  Invite some more!)  lol   GLYSDI,  PB