Dearly beloved,
In November we take the opportunity once again to celebrate how much God loves us:   for the faithful who have entered heaven's gates as our justification is complete only through faith in Jesus;   also, for our many freedoms that have been won for us as we remember those Veterans who gave the ultimate;  and certainly, His mercy as we so often neglect to say "Thank You!"  for all the love He has shown to us.   "O give thanks unto the Lord, for He is good, and His mercy endures forever!"

As I write the rain is pounding the roof and the dogs are restless.  The power has gone out a couple of times, once for a few seconds, and again for more than an hour!  (I need to get this done and saved before it happens again!)
     With all the moisture and falling temps I can just imagine a fog clouding visibility in the morning. A great deal of life is like driving in the fog. Our visibility is limited and we move slowly along the roads of life. We do not have a clear vision of what will happen next. Trying to find our way through personal problems, economic concerns, and family issues is like driving through the fog rather than moving down the road on a clear day. We do want to be in control!
     Likewise, matters of faith and belief are sometimes more like a fog than a clear day. Most of us live in a fog when it comes to questions like “Why, God, is this happening to me?” and “What does God want me to do?” We are not really sure of how to live our lives for God.  We are witnesses of His love, but when pressed we may not come across so clearly.  Where is the answer for these moments of limited vision?
     I'm reminded of a sermon illustration of a young preacher who walked by a man’s house every morning. The man was always outside working in his garden. Every time he passed the house, the pastor heard the man whistling as loud as he could.
     The pastor wondered why he was whistling all the time. One day he decided to ask him. As he got to the man's house, he noticed on the porch a women sitting in a wheel chair. After some conversation, the pastor asked the man, “Sir, I hear you whistling all the time when I pass by. Tell me, why do you whistle so much?” The man said, “well, you see, my wife is crippled and also blind. She cannot see where I go and what I am doing. I whistle to let her know that I am nearby. I whistle to let her know that if she ever needs me I will be there.”
     We need to remember in those moments of fog and spiritual blindness in our lives, God is whistling, (or maybe whispering),  and trying to let us know that He is near. That He loves us. That He wants to help us. That He wants to use His power to perform some fog-clearing moments in our lives.
     So on a foggy day may we keep our ears open to the whistle of God. This gives us assurance that He is near and that with Him we can see forever and ever.
     To whom do you wish to give thanks?   Let us, first of all, give thanks to GOD, for His daily care and provision, and the forgiveness of sins at the expense of Jesus' life!  Then,  thank a Veteran!  Most have been separated from their loved ones for a lengthy deployment, and that is a sacrifice indeed!  Let's be thoughtful and responsive!   And let us be a "Grateful Nation" to all!                                                                     God loves YOU,  so do I .....    PB