WHO DO WE SERVE??

    In the next few days the elections will be over (hurray!),  but I feel the public hasn't been told the truth of any candidate.  I have heard many announcements berating most candidates, and apparently NO ONE is good enough for the job.  But someone has to do it!  So we try to sort out the issues and the candidiates, and vote what best aligns with our beliefs, right?   By the way, what are the issues?  Is this election about our wallets, about the taxes and drain on our personal economy?  or is there more?  Who do we wish to "hire" for the job?  I have often wondered how many politicians would serve if the positions were no longer salaried, but volunteer positions, where they would have to work a different job to support their families.

    God calls some Christians to public service in order to uphold justice.  Romans 13 says that God ordained civil government,  which "exists to curtail evil and to reward the good."  Americans have a "magnificent system of government, but this system can't protect us from abuse by evil men and evil women.  "We need for godly men and women to be willing to be open to the prospect that God's will for their life may be to go into public service, to serve as godly civil servants, to serve as a godly legislators, to serve as a godly persons in public offices, to be salt and light."  We're ALL called to serve and to engage the world, to stop the decay, and to be the light of hope.

     Just what is SERVICE?  It is defined as:  the action of helping or doing work for someone.  We expect good service at a restaurant,  and at the "Customer Service" desk at our local store.   We used to have "Service Stations" where someone else pumped the gas, washed the windshield, and often checked the oil levels.   Today there are service dogs who assist in detection of substances, and others who emotionally help troubled children and adults.  Through the Church we please God through worship services, Divine Service,  as we give our all to God.

    Then there's "The Service", our Military personnel,  who serve to protect our rights and liberties.  Veterans Day (Remembrance Day in Canada)  recognizes the Military Personnel who serve our country, and especially the many who have lost their lives.   We thank God, and them, for their sacrifices.   We ought not forget our local service men and women who watch our communities ....our Public Service Officers -- the fire fighters, and police force, our EMTs and medical staff.  Each take action to help in time of need.

    As we enter the month of November there are significant days to remember those who have served ...  Pray for:  
1)  Nov. 4 -  Our public servants, especially those who provide a moral compass;  
2)  Nov. 11 - Our Military, and Veterans, and their families;
3)  Nov. 27 -  Our church, as we Give Thanks to God for His provision.  

    Yes,  Thanksgiving to God for serving us, providing all we need .... including His only Son who died to set us free from sin, death, and the power of the devil!  Because we have this Gift of God, we respond in love and service to others.  Who do we serve??  #1 is God,, or some would say Jesus ...  #2  Others ...  then, and only then, #3  Yourself. ... it makes an acronym J-O-Y !!  

    We love, or give, because He first did so!  Thank YOU, Abba, Father, for innumerable blessings! too many to count!  Count your many blessings, name them one by one ...  





09/22/2016 12:07pm

With the reading of the latest news latter that you shared with us in this post I am getting the information about the all latest issues that are currently running in the community. Hope you will keep us up to dated.

03/13/2017 12:29am

I think service is best described as how would we want to be treated if we are on the other side of the "service" hierarchy. We don't need to be actual customers to experience good service. A boss must serve his subordinates so they can do their job well. They are just frontliners. It has a domino effect. Same concept when applied to church service. We all must try to be of service to others because we have a Lord that takes care of us.

11/10/2017 2:03am

Thank you for all the notable points you had written here, but I feel like we should be serving the right people, and stop being selfish by thinking of ourselves first. I know that it is important to prioritize your own need, but God deserves to be served in any way you could. It's not a requirement, but if you have a good heart and you want to be under his arms for an eternal life, you need serve him by being a good person to Him and to other people!

I love this article! It's true that we should serve our God. It doesn't matter how big or small the service we can give, as long as we are serving Him with all our hearts. He sees whatever we do, and I believe, great things are waiting ahead for those who serve him. While serving your fellow people is a good thing, we should always prioritize serving God in any way we can!

04/07/2017 4:46am

We are all serving to our Lord! And a little bit to yourself. This can take a time to understand.

07/06/2017 5:32am

11/15/2017 11:11am

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