ATONEMENT -- At One Ment

     HARK! The herald angels sing, "Glory to the Newborn King! Peace on earth, Good will to men, God and sinners reconciled".   Sung many times over the past few weeks, do we really comprehend the significance and need for reconciliation?  Not only with God, but with one another we need peace.
     I've thought much about this lately, as Kathy's brother died so suddenly with complications due to cancer.  He had a great smile and laugh.  He could have been one of Santa's elves with his jolly laugh, long beard, and that round belly.  But he could be very abrasive too, and rub you the wrong way quickly.  Several times he had been told to "never come back here".        
     He had conflicts with family members too.  He became separated from those he loved because arguements often ensued over just frivilous discussion!  He isolated himself (or was it insulated?) and he was not offered all the invitations for celebrations that others were afforded.  We loved him, but it was easier if we loved him from a distance.   Kathy and I also sought reconciliation between he and the others, and regret that it didn't happen sooner for some and never for others.  Reconciliation is something we still continue to work on.

     God loves us!  And He wants a closer relationship with us, but our desires to feed our bodies and minds with self-serving lusts and desires further drives a wedge into the relationship.  We are wonderers and wanderers, as we question what something would be like, then explore and experiment.   
     Let me develop this further, through the mind of, let's say,  a young boy ... He sees something which stirs his thoughts, maybe through the watching of a movie.   Taking nudity as an example, this prompts excitement in some form.  Then, he has a desire to see more.  His conscience, we hope, causes guilt to arise within him, but he wonders why what he saw created such a reaction in his mind and body.  Maybe it becomes an obsession for a time, and wants to see more.  To complicate the issue, access to the Internet is almost everywhere, so he pokes around on his phone or computer.  As you can imagine, one thing leads to another, and an addiction / obsession may ensue. How much further could we take this?  I'll let it go here ...
       You've perhaps seen TV programs of those with addictions to drugs and alcohol, hoarding, food, sex, cars, power, etc.  Anything can become an addiction.  If anything takes us away from our walk with God, we need to re-assess the issue.  Are you being led astray?  By what? or who?
     As we reflect on our wishes for a better New Year,  may we pursue a renewed love for God, and run toward Him.  Won't you commit yourself to a few minutes each day in His Word, and make it a habit / addiction.  Grow in Christ!
     Let us be one in Christ and One with Him.  at one ment = atonement  
Peace ...  GLYSDI,  PB



This is a new year for us. This is a new opportunity to let God into our lives. We all need Him in our lives and that's a fact. We should find some time to talk with Him and pray. Lastly, we should cherish the blessings He has given. He is always good to us and He always provides us everything that we need. Anyway, thanks for sharing this post. Keep blogging!

02/06/2017 11:17pm

It's February but still a fresh start for everybody. Cheers for new beginnings, opportunities, new pals, etc. I just realize that it is really important to involve God with our daily lives, I just started reading Daily Bread and it is indeed going great. I enjoy my everyday because of it. I really recommend everyone to have one so we are all guided and inspired every single day of our existence. Thanks and keep it up.

06/15/2017 12:19am

It's awesome that you are sharing the word of God in your website. It's important for us to learn all the wisdom from the Bible. I will definitely share this with my friends so that they will be enlightened. Keep on posting updates for us. I hope that you have a nice day. Thank you!


One of the best feeling a person could have is peace both in his mind, heart, and spirit. Men should talk to God in order to feel content with those around him. However, it is up to a person if he wants to feel no worries or burdens that is stopping him to be at ease. Having a bad relationship with someone feels as if there is a huge weight that an individual needs to carry. Whatever the situation is, it is important that love and reconciliation happen in order to have peace.

01/29/2017 6:08am

I must say that your opinion is understandable. Can't wait for the next one.

04/26/2017 1:44am

One of my favorite songs during Christmas day. It gives me a shiver whenever I hear this song. It is like an angel singing it for me. After Christmas, New Year is one of the best year because people will try to live up to their New Year's resolution. For me, it doesn't matter what day or what year, but more important is to vary your life everyday.

03/07/2017 6:09am

Let this year would be kind to us. I pray for a peace for all homes and nations!

04/16/2017 11:52pm

Such a happy moment it was.

04/17/2017 12:28am

Same to you dear, these are very happy moments.

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