How do YOU respond??  Are we united in our walk together?  We've seen so much divisiveness in the news in the past year.  In the past few days we've heard "Here We Stand" as well as "We kneel in solidarity!"  
     When we disagree with someone's view, how do we respond?  Some will confront so to challenge or understand the other's viewpoint.   Some will say it's their right to feel that way and let it flow off our backs.  Some will protest in one way or another, trying to win in the court of public opinion.
     Christians should repond and express their faith — through acts of mercy in times of tragedy, such as following Hurricanes Harvey and Irma.  When the enemy attacks we need to bind together to encourage the right and defeat the wrong.  But lately we might wonder "Just who is the enemy?"  Is Mother Nature an enemy?  Are these God's judgments on a wicked world?  How do we respond to disaster, like the earthquakes in Mexico?  At what point do we send up a prayer asking, "WHY?  
     Many are protesting in our land.  Who or what are they protesting?  "I don't agree with the results of the election, or the court's ruling,  so I have a right to march, loot or dishonor!"  Really?   
     It's been a long time since a group of underdog college kids beat the Soviets on ice at Lake Placid. Do you remember when President Bush walked to the mound at Yankee Stadium to throw out the first pitch after 9/11, and America cheered?  I pouted, (not protested) when J.D. and J.V. and Alex Avila surrendered their Tiger's uniforms to play elsewhere.   Sure, these were just games -- but to a nation in crisis, they were so much more. These were the sports that united a country.
     This past weekend sports was no longer the healer -- but the divider. A storm that had been brewing since the moment quarterback Colin Kaepernick decided to sit out the National Anthem finally boiled over, and for the first time in a long time, the biggest storyline on NFL Sunday had nothing to do with the scores.
     The media seems to have praised the league with their solidarity in taking a knee, but how about the double standards on social media with pictures of Coach Joe Kennedy or Tim Tebow, who were mocked or outright punished when they took a knee... in prayer?  Many of us are eager to call on America do exactly that, to get on our knees before God that He would show mercy that we make a real difference in this splintered country.  We do need to pray for unity.   If we don't we will destroy ourselves, for we will reenact the civil war that took the lives of so many Americans,  from within!
     Luther sought to unite the Church with the truth of God's Word, that we are rescued from Hell by grace through faith in Jesus,  not purchased via indulgences or by doing good works!  He nailed those 95 theses, (points to debate), so that the Church would celebrate the Blood of the Lamb shed into death offering LIFE to those who trust in Jesus!  So, WHO is the enemy?  Not the Church, but Satan, who's still seeks to divide nation, family, and church.
     Let us kneel in solidarity to pray to the One who heals our land as we turn from our wicked ways to live in peace with one another!                        GLYSDI,   PB


09/30/2017 3:36pm

nice post

11/28/2017 5:56am

I believe it's about time for all of us to be open to each other. If it happened that there is someone who went against your belief, you should learn how to respect it. Don't expect that everyone will agree with you as every person has their now perspective. It's quite impossible for all of us to have the same principles about matters here on Earth. All we need to do is to respect everyone, and be a good but intelligent person.

10/01/2017 3:50am

Church is holy place and any more peoples comes here for worship. And it also peaceful places for mind and heart. But owner of the holy places invest the money to keep the respect place for public.

10/24/2017 12:40am

Such a blessed words shared in this post, thanks for sharing.


All we have to do is to have strong faith on our religion.

12/06/2017 2:14am


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