The faculty of Concordia Seminary, St. Louis was heavily involved in the filming of “MARTIN LUTHER: The Idea that Changed the World.”   PBS is showing the film on September 12 at 8 PM.  
     One reviewer (Jeff Kloha) writes, "Martin Luther remains one of the most important and influential people in the western world. The year 2017 will see both scholarship and popular media reflect and comment on Martin Luther and his legacy—sometimes negatively. His reform of the church, his translation of the Bible, and his reshaping of Christian life changed the religious, social, and political face of Europe. These reverberations are still felt today—even here in far-away America, where Christianity and even the nation itself would look very different were it not for Martin Luther."
     He continues, "But who was Martin Luther? What was his world like? And, most importantly, what is the significance of his message today? Trying to imagine this 500 years later is not easy; trying to visualize and verbalize it through film is both an opportunity and a challenge. In this film, in addition to accurately representing historical details like clothing, architecture, sounds, and attitudes, the most important work is to communicate Luther’s ideas to a modern audience. Technical vocabulary of “justification,” “gospel,” or even “sin” can be misleading or confusing not only to life-long Lutherans but especially to those who are not connected to a congregation. How do we connect the world-changing message of the Gospel—and Luther’s insight into that Gospel—with secular viewers whose only brush with theology is their belief that “I am a good person”?
     Being a “good person” is not what Christianity is all about—it is all about Jesus Christ! It is about his love that lays down his own life for God’s enemies—that is, even you and me. It is about receiving “the good life” even in the midst of despair and uncertainty and suffering and death. It is a message that God is not like us:  he does not look for us to be beautiful and then love us. No! God in Christ does the opposite. He makes us pleasing to himself, in Christ, and loves us as his new creation. Purely out of fatherly, divine, goodness and mercy. Now that is worth remembering—and sharing—even 500 years later!
     We're now about 6 weeks away from our celebration of the Reformation 500 years later, at the Breslin Center.  I wonder how the Catholic Church is feeling about the whole event.  Will there be protests?  Luther sought to unite the Church in the truth of Scripture stating "we are saved by grace through FAITH , it is a gift, and not of works ..."(Eph. 2: 8)   Even the Christian Church is divided into denominations with differing views of what the Bible says, and some even question the authority of the Bible!  How do we get to heaven?  Some claim "There is no Hell, so all are saved!"  That isn't what the Bible says!
     Join us again Tuesday evenings as we pursue God's truth and the strength and wisdom to share His love with everyone!  Review the explanation Luther offers to the 3rd Commandment.  You remember it, right?  How do we reSpect God's Word?    Don't rebel and protest God's presence, but proclaim your freedom IN CHRIST to those He sets before you!
     GLYSDI,   PB



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We know holy place for that peoples who comes for worship of God. Jesus gives the holy lesson of Bible and bible holy book. And holy books gives the message of God.

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Such a lively and active member of the society. Please continue your works, I hope you are able to prosper and inspire people and create impact to their lives. I am an active person, I love to be involve in organization and I am comfortable dealing with others. I realize that we can learn a lot from other people that we need to be connected with each other for their are things wee can only learn from them. I hope everyone will also realize the importance of that thank you.

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Such a motivated and holy lines shared, thanks for making my day.

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There are many more things that we still needed to learn.


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