December 2017


     Once again I was privileged to sit at the feet of Ken Ham at a recent Pastors' conference.  The theme of this conference was "Foundations", where the foundations of faith are under assault from every angle but the Holy Spirit reminds us that the Lord, Yahweh, reigns from His temple full of grace and truth. It starts innocently enough—a small crack in an otherwise pristine foundation. Widening undetected, soon the small crack can grow into a giant chasm separating The Truth from reality.
     As we again recite the story of Jesus' birth, the world seeks to silence the Christ of Christmas!  Do our children and grandchildren believe Jesus' story as a tale or the truth of History?  How do we teach distinction between the stories of Santa Claus,  Rudolf,  the Easter Bunny and Jesus?  What is real, what is simply a good story?
     "Science" means knowledge.  People of "wisdom" tell us what has happened and why.  For example, Job was counseled by his "wise" friends about his misfortune and suffering, but he is not comforted with their wisdom.  He says (Job 16: 2), "I have heard many things like these; you are all miserable counselors, all of you!"  He is grieving over his heartache and pain, and he is confident that God will help him.  He is patient with his friends!  Job continues to be counseled by these "wise" friends, but believes this is his deserved punishment.  WHY?  Often, we just don't know.
     In Job 36-37 Elihu highlights God’s greatness. This lengthy portion declares many of God’s attributes. In Job 36:26 Elihu states, “How great is God—beyond our understanding! "   He doesn't answer Job about his suffering, but about God's faithfulness.  God is building character!  Remember?  Suffering, perseverance, character, hope?  
     Finally, in Job 38,  God comes to Job, and asks, "Who is this that obscures my plans with words without knowledge? .... Where were you when I laid the earth's foundations?  Tell me, if you understand."  God's foolishness confounds the wise of this world.  (Look at 1 Corinthians 3).
     To fully tell the story of Jesus we look at the Old Testament which is the accurate history of the world.  God was there at creation!  The Scriptures, God's record, tell us what happened.  There was death AFTER disobedience,  God's judgments in a worldwide flood, and yet, promises of deliverance.  The Old Testament prophecies foretold about  the Christ's (Messiah's) birth, ministry, the people's reaction, and his own death and resurrection!  These prophets laid a firm foundation to understand the person and work of Christ.
     The birth and ministry of Jesus were everything that the prophets foretold.  In light of the New Testament fulfillment, we know that we can trust the truthfulness of the Scriptures.
In this season we MUST tell His Story,   His'tory!!  It's TRUE, after all!


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